What to do if You are Bitten by a Raccoon

Raccoons usually appear very cite and cuddly. But these animals are always potential dangerous for such a bite that would infect you with rabies. Before highlighting the need to cure a New Orleans raccoon bit it must be understood that how harmful rabies can be. It is caused by saliva nd sometimes even corneal transplant.

There are symptoms:
Normally after a Louisiana raccoon bites you it must be supposed that the victim is all right. But no! The infected saliva will transmit such germs that will attack the nerves of your nervous system and kills a person by eventually killing his brain. Normally result is not all of sudden but takes almost twelve days to expose and sometimes even a year. Certain symptoms include itching on the wound and prickling. Person starts to feel extreme discomfort and suffers a very high fever. He repeatedly faces ever increasing anxiety and hallucinations. Fatigue and headache result in his behavioral changes. His suffering from insomnia is also added by his sensitivity towards not only water but light as well. The treatment of a New Orleans raccoon's bite is of two types. One is the major kind and other is the simple treatment.

Major treatment:
Sudden treatment is the only way to save the victim. But all affected are target of different degrees undergo different levels of vaccination as per the contact of disease. Normally the vaccination is known as ‘post-exposure prophylaxis' is more common. In first category if the New Orleans raccoon only licks your skin, then you are safe. But if it licks you on wounded skin then sudden treatment is essential. But if you are actually bitten then vaccination and administration of immunoglobin is must.

Simple treatments:
First aid is the basic requirement before any vaccination. The infected area must be washed. Other than that if you have a pet Louisiana raccoon then vaccinate it annually. In minor wounds simple use of antibiotics is sufficient.

Some tips by doctors:
Usually according to doctors an individual must have a tetanus shot in every ten years. But if you get injured in the mean time then an instant booster shot is required.

When you see a raccoon:
If you see a New Orleans raccoon then stay away from it. Wild animals as such are confirmed potential positive for rabies. So, report to police and if necessary he would kill that raccoon. It is very important to know the nature and background of a particular animal. Some people do keep raccoons as pets. But with its instinct to be as sudden in canine nature little chances remain for it to be domestically trained. Raccoons make an important part of the ecosystem but its bite can be as deadly that not only humans but animals or pets bit by it must be aided as quickly as possible.

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