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What is a Foothold Trap?

For some people trapping Louisiana animals and other species is hobby and some people want to explore animals that are why they used to trap animals. There are different types of traps available for certain animals. All you need is to learn what you required for trapping animal. Trapping a New Orleans coyote and fox requires a lot of patience. Coyote and fox are very intelligent animals and it is very hard to trap them. The best and recommend trap for trapping such animals is foothold trap. One of the best places to foothold trap to catch fox is to set it on edge of fence or garden where different crops make it unseen for these animals. Fox general like to follow the path where it is easy to walk away. So that is why it is important to place the foothold trap at the required place. There are 5 styles of traps available that you are going to learn about. You should know the working of these foothold traps and must know features as well. Now we will see what sort of foothold trap might be useful for you.

Under Spring Trap
These are the traps that are also known as jump traps but they are outdated now. It is really hard for you to find them now as they are no longer available in the market. Moreover the manufacturer also doesn't make these traps.

Long Spring Trap
It is most common type of foothold trap that is being used these days. They are quite large and heavy in weight. The main drawback of such trap is that it is very hard to hide this. It is heavy trap that can be used in submersion set. It is mostly used to trap small animals like New Orleans mink and muskrat. It is available in single spring and double spring. Double spring is used to catch big animals like beaver.

Coil Spring
The size of such traps is less than of long spring. The use of this trap is very limited but is very beneficial. It has two small springs and is one of the quickest traps. Because of their strength, speed and quite small in size they are very good to catch bobcat and fox. You can add extra traps in order to make it stronger and more stable.

Guarded traps
These are the traps that have loaded guard attachment. It prevents the Louisiana animal to run away after getting trapped. These are the traps that are being used in places where you cannot use killing device.

Enclosed traps
These are foothold traps that are particularly designed for New Orleans opossums and raccoons. To trap animal, the animal must place his foot in the trap. These traps are available in different shapes and styles.

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