New Orleans Wildlife and Animal Removal

How to Keep Away Iguanas?

Among the most popular New Orleans lizards, iguanas are the most colorful ones. That is why for those who are highly fond of exotic animals; iguanas can be a huge attraction. But not all are as a matter of fact many don't even like to see them around. The reason is that being herbivores they very fondly inhabit the gardens and may even bite humans and pets within their jagged teeth. That's why it's important to keep them away.

Trapping is one of the best ways to get rid of Louisiana iguanas. They usually go along the same path and may fall for a single or repeated traps best by fruits. If for once they are caught then best way is to put them into the chest freezers. To euthanize or to train the young ones is considered the best option. Domestically it may get difficult sometimes so professional also provide their services. Iguanas like to eat scraps of food; rotten plants etc. so never feed them and clear all the clutter from the garden which provides them the hiding place. The threat iguanas' cause is not only disturbances but the spread of diseases as well. Their contact can cause infection and salmonella. So food should not be left in the garden. All burrows must be closed because chances are that iguana may be living in it. But that must be done in day time when they are away. Warm places are the most favorite sites for them because they like to sun themselves. So the best way is to cover and get rid of warm surfaces anywhere around.

Another natural method is to make your garden friendly to New Orleans iguana predators. Owls and crows usually eat the young iguanas. Dogs can scare away the young iguanas but the larger iguanas can be dangerous. Another way is to keep low fences around your garden. But iguanas can climb and live on trees so a slick metal collar of 6 to 12 inches can surround the trunk. Other than that they can be sprayed with the garden hose to be irritated enough to leave. They are usually very sensitive to smell like Neem and garlic. Prevention can be done by installing electric fences around your Louisiana garden. Another problem is their fondness for swimming so install a childproof fence around your pool. Plastics bottles are used to tie around boat so iguanas don't climb. They may even hang on tree branches so it's important to trim them, keeping thin and short by cutting the canopy. Another required compromise on your part includes not planting the vegetables in your garden. Only citrus trees are affordable because even the colorful flowers are an all-time attraction to them.

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