Do Opossums Attack Pets?

The answer to the above question if New Orleans opossums attack cats, dogs, and other pets would be that there is more likely for the opossum to get attacked rather attack itself. The saying ˝playing possum˝ means a complete and utter surrender in a defense manner. And opossum made this maneuver a pure perfection.

The Louisiana opossum is a middle sized rodent that lives near human premises and can´t are easily spotted while this is a nocturnal animal. It is more likely that only due to the racket the animal is making; you will be able to locate it. This is an extremely non-aggressive animal often accused of the things committed by other animals. If you see the opossum it doesn´t mean it's the perpetrator, causing you all kinds of trouble, you´d better look further. Opossums are carnivorous scavengers and they prefer eating mice, insects, and carrion. Small animals, insects and even snakes are consumed just occasionally if there is nothing else around. As New Orleans opossums are known scavengers they don´t pray and they also don´t attack.

Opossum vs. cat relationship
Opossums and cats generally live in peace, they actually ignore each other and at the same time have some kind of mutual respect for one another. As New Orleans opossums are usually submissive, non-aggressive animals and won´t attack a cat or any other pet for that matter. They actually rather escape and avoid any kind of confrontation. However, opossums do strangely enough have a sweet tooth for a cat food and that is why stealing the food from the cat or even eating together is a scene that has been frequently noticed. Opossums and cats are not friends but they are certainly not enemies as well. Generally speaking, there is always a possibility for exceptions.

Opossum vs. dog relationship
Dogs, on the other hand, have a completely different attitude towards Louisiana opossums than cats. The dog will attack opossum in a second, it seems like they are seriously annoyed by the opossums. Opossums reaction in 90% of the time is going to be ˝play possum˝, however in the 10% dog may get snapped at as an opossum will attack back as any animal would. When opossum miraculously stands up to the attacker and overrides its natural instinct to play dead, it may look quite intimidating. Its 50 sharp teeth and claws can be used but very rarely and only if the animal feels really threaten, cornered or it´s trying to protect its young. That have been said, generally speaking, opossum presents no danger to any of human pets. Even though those 50 sharp and shiny teeth may look very threatening, the whole display of power is usually just for the show. This is a very docile animal and will retreat as soon as possible. And like mentioned it is more likely to get killed by pets than for New Orleans opossum to kill the pet.

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